Yew Tree Avenue in Clipsham to be restored to former glory

The Clipsham Yew Tree Avenue Trust (CYTAT), a charity registered in 2018, has a 20 year agreement with the Forestry Commission to take over the management of the famous Yew Tree Avenue in Clipsham, Rutland.  The trees were clipped in 2019 for the first time since 2014.  They look fabulous.  Further work will be required to restore the patterns to some of the trees, so please help by making a donation, however small.  You can do this here via Facebook or by JustGiving below:

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The fascinating yet tranquil Yew Tree Avenue at Clipsham is over 200 years old, consisting of over 150 clipped Yew Trees in all manner of unusual shapes. Once the carriage driveway to Clipsham Hall, the Avenue, which costs nothing to visit, is now a pleasant place to sit and perhaps enjoy a picnic in the summer.

Flypast May 2020

Thanks Christopher Bacon.


The interest group has now developed into the Clipsham Yew Tree Avenue Trust (CYTAT).  The Trust’s mission is to organize and fund work on improving the health of the trees.  The trees were clipped last year for the first time since 2014.  Further work will take place this year to restore some of the patterns before they are lost forever.

Help Us

You may already know Yew Tree Avenue.  If you have visited recently you will have seen that the trees have been clipped and look stunning.

We are looking for people to help in a variety of ways. Not only fund raising, but publicity, social media and general support. Help us to keep this special space a tranquil wonderful attraction and preserve its history.